- At the moment that the purchase becomes effective we will send the order within 24-48h to your indicated address, unless in the description of the article you put another date indicated.
- We work with the main transport companies, providing you via email or telephone the name of the company, contact phone number and order number so that you can contact if required and know at all times where your order is.
- Shipments to Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands consult conditions by phone.
- If at the time of delivery you are not at the address you have given us, the transport company will contact you to arrange delivery
- In case of orders with several items, you may receive your order in several times, always looking for the fastest delivery.
- Outlet products are new, either with damaged packaging, or have been assembled and disassembled for various reasons, exposure, product testing, advertising, ... being in perfect condition without tare.
- In case of reconditioned products or with some tare or damage will be indicated in the description as a product of balance, indicating the tare / damage in question.


In accordance with the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, which approves the Revised Text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users and Law 7/1996 on the Regulation of Retail Trade, if for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, you have the right to cancel it within 14 days, by sending it to our facilities. This means that you can voluntarily return your product within 14 calendar days of receiving it. This right can be exercised on one of the products, on several, or on the whole order.

You must notify it by email to indicating full name and order number, our incident manager will indicate the corresponding procedure. It is a simple process. Just send the product to our facilities along with the withdrawal form. Without complications and following these two steps. Just remember that this within 14 days !

For the return of the product, you must download the following withdrawal document and send it completed and affixed to the outside of the product's shipping carton., we recommend that it is done by the same transport agency with which it arrived, but any agency is good. The return of the amount will be made by the same form of payment; bank transfer, or card, ideal,...  Once you see that your product has been received, send us the delivery note along with your account number to the email incidents, you need not do anything else. Within a short period of time (2.3 days) you will receive a bank transfer notice with; concept of return with your order number

To make such return you must know that:

- The product must be in perfect condition, in its original packaging and with all its accessories.
- In case of products that require assembly, they cannot have been assembled, tested, fretted, etc,...
- It is very important that you return the product to us in perfect condition. It must be returned just as you received it, without having been assembled. In case the return conditions are not met, the good may suffer a depreciation. You will be responsible for the decrease in value of the products resulting from handling other than the necessary verification of the good condition of it
- CloverFitness is not responsible for poor assembly by the customer. This means that if a customer receives the components to assemble a product and when assembled, it is not done carefully or with the proper tools, the components may rub, thread or wear out. Being as we say the responsibility of the customer a bad assembly of the same ones. Therefore, if you have doubts about the assembly, ask us !


What happens if I receive a product that is not the one I ordered?

Don't worry, Clover Fitness will take care of the pickup and shipping costs. We will do this as quickly as possible. Just contact , tell us what happened and we will manage everything.

What if I want to make a product change?

No problem, it is a process similar to the withdrawal. Contact with incidents, you comment, and you send us the product. Once we receive it, we will send you the new one the same day. And it depends on its value, because you will have to pay the difference by transfer.

What if I want to cancel a product/purchase?

Totally in your right, it is a simple process and similar to cancellation. You must always send the withdrawal document to incidents. If you have received the product along with the product and if you have not taken it or it has not arrived for some reason, send us only the completed document by email. Important that in subject you put; Cancellation and your number of order, attached document, and ready!

How are the outlet products, does it compensate the purchase?

The outlet products are new and perfect, unused. The only thing they have in the box is in bad condition, so if it's a gift it's not your product, but if it's for you it's a great opportunity to save some money.

And do refurbished products compensate?

The reconditioned products may contain some aesthetic tare, this is only aesthetic and does not affect the operation of the product.  Logically, that's why they are so cheap. They are usually at cost price and sometimes even less, so if you don't mind, they are bargains and last very little on the portal. But remember, if you have any doubts, before buying directly, ask us!


In the event that a piece arrives in poor condition will be changed as soon as possible. When receiving your package it is important to check that the packaging and interior arrive in good condition. It is important that if you observe any incidence or anomaly it indicates it in a term of 24/72 hours after its reception, it will be due to give part to the company that has made the transport, claiming the damages in the product and notifying the incidence to us via telephone or by mail to, of not being thus, Clover Fitness cannot be responsible for the caused damages.



The Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of 16 November gives a legal guarantee of 2 years from the date of delivery for goods of a durable nature. The consumer and user must inform the seller of the lack of conformity within two months of becoming aware of it.

This does not include deficiencies caused by negligence, knocks, use or improper handling.

In case the purchased product is electric, the batteries have 1 year of warranty, not being a manufacturing defect the wear and tear or the loss of some autonomy as a consequence of the aging of the batteries, and being, as in other devices, something that is within the norm. Therefore, it is not considered a manufacturing defect.

For the processing of it should be contacted by phone or by mail to

Any doubt or clarification on the matter, contact us.

If you need to send your product for review, paste this document filled out on the outside of the shipping box.

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